Real Estate market in Malta? Is it time to buy?

Property Market Malta

There are many different views on how the property market in Malta is fairing at the moment.  Some are saying that if you have the extra cash to invest this is the time for investors to make their money work for them and others advise to hold back and be more cautious because no one knows if property prices will still go down even further.

The reality is that if you are an investor and you know your property markets and you are reading this you are going to tell me that there will always be opportunities during the good, bad and even the ugly times.

An investor has the eye for opportunities and is attuned to the market just as some professional real estate agents should be through their experience of dealing with these investors.  Most investors actually purchase their real estate through estate agents.  The market in Malta is still developing, there is a property surplus, and there has been an adjustment in pricing however this only confirms the fact that it is a buyers ’ market.  Real Estate agents in Malta are working harder than they ever had and the ones that are not capable (the cowboys), or rather do not know their business, are opting out of the business.  This means that the professional real estate agents are prevailing and are more attuned to the market than anyone else.  It is natural instinct that actually prevails -when it’s an easy market and you’re selling something like cheese cakes (pastizzi) you tend to relax on your laurels and watch the money come in to your bank account but as soon as the market seems to be harder and your lifestyle may be threatened then you gear up, consolidate, you keep your ears to the ground, go back to basics and survive.  The ones that do not have that ability will naturally quit the business and find other avenues.  The ones that have the ability and are trained professionally will ultimately perform better in such a property market because real estate agents tend to be more professional during such a period and as they are switched on to the market.

Property buyers and investors are more likely to find what they are looking for at this time than any other time.  Malta is still seeing movement in high end developments such as Portomaso and Tigne Point.  Portomaso, Malta is a development that is always desirable due to its location and amenities whereas Tigne Point is a good development which is not completed yet but is showing the strengths of being one of the top developments in Europe once it is completed.  Fort Cambridge has come up with new conditions which favour the buyer.  The developer is apparently bringing in a new partner that will even strengthen its position as a great development.  Pender Gardens, Ta Monita and other, smaller developments are also seeing movement in re-sales which again confirms that there is really not much of a slowdown in the market but an adjustment.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to invest find yourself a professional real estate agent that will guide you through the motion and will provide you the service that you deserve.  They know how the market ticks and can definately assist you.

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