Is buying luxury property in Malta the best investment?

If you are looking to invest in property in the Meditteranean, according to local reports Malta’s real estate industry is still one of the only markets that is stable and reaping fruits.  According to James Vassallo, Sales and Marketing Manager of Tigne Point Malta, one of Malta’s most prestigious developments, sales of their developments have remained stable throughout 2009 and are still encouraging in 2010.  Claims are out that now that Tigne Point have opened their shopping facilities which also includes beautiful cafe’s and restaurants the project is finally coming together and throughout 2010, sales may pick up faster than projected.

The luxury property market in Malta has always seemed to do generally well with interest combined from both locals and foreign investors.  Nationalities like South Africa find Malta the best and the easiest EU country to apply for residency and therefore with the obligation of buying a property in Malta to become a resident, the Real Estate industry benefits as much as the potential resident.  Having said that if you are moving to a country to become a resident why wouldn’t you want to buy a property there is you plan on being based there.  Brick has always been the best age old investment one can buy.

Villas for sale in Malta are also ever so popular.  Malta’s unique spacious villas can be very attractive compared to the common European sized houses.  They are almost like palaces and often come with breath taking views. In Malta, villas can have a floor plan of even 1000Sqm including pool area.

Its always important to do your homework.  Speak to someone that knows the dos and donts, someone that can possible provide you with the Legal and Tax implications (or benefits)

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