Before you dive in to the buy-to-let investment, it is recommended that you also check what else you could invest your money in and the type of return you would gain.   Buying a property in malta to let is a long-term investment and your money will not be easily accessible.  So make sure that any money you invest you are not likely to need for some years to come.

Although property prices haven’t shot up over the last year in Malta it does not mean they will be going down.  And although there is no guarantee that this won’t happen, one must look at the tradition (the buying trend of the Maltese), what is actually happening in the rental market to-date and what the government are doing to sustain the economy and improve it .

There has been a price correction due to many overpriced properties that were on the market that were unsalable.  The reason for this was either because the developers bought expensive or they thought that they could achieve a better price due to their own marketing reason.   However just like in any market when you cannot sell and neither can your competitors you change your strategy and you move on to the next opportunity.

Today’s rental market is buoyant.  Companies still fancy setting up their businesses in Malta and their employee’s always require accommodation for long term.  With the iGaming Industry and other industries still growing on the islands the demand for properties to rent in Malta is probably at the highest it’s been in recent years.  Malta is also waiting for Teecom Ltd to commence with the development of Smart City that will be creating over 5000 jobs of which at least half will be taken up by foreign employees – not to mention the consultants as well as construction workers that will be employed to work on the development.

Maltese believe in brick, which is an age old tradition where you find Maltese parents assisting their children to buy their first property and this is still happening.

To buy right you need to understand the market and be involved or you have to be able to rely on a professional to guide you correctly.  If you go sole and try to buy a property on your own you are risking that you lose out and make the wrong decision.  Real Estate agents in Malta are now attuned to this fact and are studying the market carefully for good buy-to-let opportunities.  You need to get on their books and be specific with what you want so they can assist you.  The truth is that there are always opportunities in any type of market.  You just need to be in the right place at the right time or use the right real estate company in Malta to assist you.

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